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Hello, New Year – A Little Late!

A New Year. A fresh start. A deep breath, exhaling all that is past and breathing in what is new. New beginnings. New life. A reset. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Hello, New Year. I welcome you. I welcome the goodness of God to chase me down in this New Year. I welcome healing. I welcome wholeness. I welcome the process – the joys, the hurts, the tears. I welcome God’s journey for me. And I choose to go all the way through with Jesus this year. Lord, have Your Way in all things. I promise to trust You, let You take me by the hand, and go all the way through with this journey in You!

Instead of being overwhelmed by New Year Resolutions, may you be overwhelmed by the love of God. You are accepted by God, just as you are now. May that acceptance draw you toward change, instead of forced, pressured goals. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Let your instinct guide you. Instead of piling a whole list of goals on yourself, set one or two simple goals. Start slow, and let the change build and grow.

Happy New Year!


P.S. It’s been a hard year for me, mental health wise and otherwise. I moved home to live with my parents for extra support, and soon after, my father suddenly died in June. I am still grieving and recovering, yet I have found a newfound strength and stability since his passing. I look forward to using this new strength and stability to write and encourage others through my blog once again – I’m back!