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Who is Your Hope?

When it comes down to it, where do you truly place your hope in? Recently, the Lord has been dealing with me in this area. He led me to this scripture:

Give us aid against the Enemy, for human help is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies. Psalm 60:11-12

Did you read that? Human help is worthless. Yet, how many of us are running to others to help us or fix our problems? I know this tendency has been true for me. Somehow, it got deeply ingrained in me that I always need other people when I am struggling. This is a lie! We do need people in our life, but we are greatly missing out if we turn solely to them. God is the source of our hope and our help. He is the One who has the power to deliver, guide, and heal. So why do we run to others when we need help? I think it is often a tendency we develop at some level or another over time. This can turn into idolatry, making others our god above our True God.

Yet, scripture makes it clear. In the Passion Translation, Psalm 60:11b, it states: “For to trust in any man is an empty hope.” The words empty hope stuck out to me like a lightening bolt. When we trust in man, man can disappoint, leaving us empty. But our God is not like that. His hope never disappoints (Romans 5:5), and He always has His grace and love to lavish on us.

So, next time you are struggling, I encourage you to go to throne, not to the phone! God spoke this to me a while ago, and I am still learning. May you give yourself grace in the learning and ask God to help you to remember to go to Him to meets your needs.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Why You Don’t Have to be Perfect – Letting Go of Perfectionist Expectations

Recently, I had to look at why I felt so defeated as I looked at all the goals, plans, and dreams I have for my life. I realized I felt this way because of an expectation for it to unfold perfectly. Perfectly, really? In this imperfect world? Yet, there was the truth of the bondage I was walking in and had to face – and am still walking out.

Life isn’t meant to unfold perfectly, as much as we’d like it to. God is not asking for perfection – He’s asking for faithfulness. We don’t have to be perfect because Jesus was perfect! There’s grace and space for mistakes. There’s room for learning in the Kingdom of God. We never graduate to perfection on this side of heaven. We need Jesus – deeply, each and every day. Our hearts need to to be continually filled with and reminded of His love. And we can thank Him for His sacrifice of His Son for our sins and imperfect lives.

Steward what He’s giving you, and make small bold steps toward what you believe He is calling you to – with the grace and space for mistakes.

Lord, I lay down my unrealistic expectations for my life to unfold perfectly. It’s really when I let go and let You be God, that I find rest, hope, and vision for my future. Free me from perfectionism as I fling myself into Your loving arms. In Jesus name, Amen.

Do you struggle with perfectionism? How has that influenced your walk with God? What have you learned from Him and how has He set you free in this area?