My Story

My spiritual journey began at age 17 when I surrendered my life to God after a difficult season of hurt, depression, and pain. I noticed Jesus’ tangible presence in that moment and received hope for my life. In 2013, I completed my Master’s in Counseling at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. About midway through the program, I went through a difficult season of anger toward God. I questioned God’s goodness because of unfair things that happened in my past, and I came to a breaking point of anger at the Lord for my lot in life. Through the support, prayers, encouragement, and counsel of others, I slowly opened my heart up again to the Lord and experienced deep emotional healing and freedom.

In 2013, I completed a season of training and equipping in ministry and prayer, and I entered into full time ministry for a (very) short time. Unfortunately, some logistics did just not work for this new venture, and I decided to return to Virginia, the place where God began His work of healing in my life. I found myself disappointed and somehow bought into the false idea that I was failure because things did not work out . My battle with mental illness intensified as I felt like I had lost everything that was important to me. I deeply struggled with shame and a sense of disempowerment, feeling as though I was continuously “spinning my wheels” and not moving forward in any way. I thought I was done with my healing journey, somehow, at 27, had “arrived” and no longer would have to look back at my past. God has made it emphatically clear that is NOT how things work. We never arrive; we are always on a journey of healing.

As my heart has slowly opened up to God and I have accepted the place I am in, I have come to a place of wanting to authentically share my story to those who face mental illness and perhaps to those who struggle to understand mental illness. I share from a Christian perspective, with an emphasis on recovery principles in mental health. I write to empower others and honestly, to empower myself.




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