Already Accepted

How often to truly feel accepted by God? Do you always sense His love and acceptance? For me, this is an area I have been working on with the Lord, and it has been quite a journey.

In the past, I would beat myself up after making a mistake or if I was struggling. I only felt acceptable if I was doing “well” in my eyes. Yet, I was looking through my lens, not the lens of my Creator and how He felt about me. Self-hatred enveloped me. Yet again, this was not God’s desire for me. I am His child, His creation, and what He made was “very good” (Genesis 1:31). Notice that very? When God created everything else on Earth, He said that it was good. When it comes to His children, God put an explanation point by saying that is was “very good.” Take that in for a moment. When God made you, it was very good. He knew we would fall due to our sin in the Garden, yet He still said we were made very good.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

Do you know “full well” that His works are wonderful, and that WE are one of those works? Ephesians 1:6 says we are “accepted in the beloved” (KJV). I want to marinate in these truths so much that I never have any doubt who I am and whose I am. I am fully accepted in God, right where I am at.

So whatever struggle you are experiencing, whether with sin, your mental health, your marriage, or parenting, know that you are already accepted today. God’s love for you is great, and as I’ve heard some say before, “Your picture is on His fridge!” Rest in His acceptance, dear one.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Is it just me or is this season of uncertainty going on and on? There are so many things that are different. Many places are still not open or are under certain restrictions. People are without jobs or still stuck working at home. Civil unrest continues and politics are dividing people. Little things for me like traveling plans and taking classes are up in the air due to COVID-19. As I was considering these uncertainties and talking with a friend, I said, “maybe we need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Isn’t that something the Lord might be after in our hearts this season? We clearly cannot control what’s going on in our world right now, but we can control how we steer our heart and mind in this season.  What are you letting steer your heart in this season? Are you being led by chaos of everything around you, thus feeling chaos in the inside? I wouldn’t blame you if you were. This is a hard time, and I know for sure I have let these times get to me and my mental health. Yet, I feel God calling us as a Body to deeper trust and intimacy with Him than ever before. We know that God works all things together for His good (Romans 8:28), and I have to believe that getting closer to Jesus during this time is crucial, more than ever before.

While we are on the cusp of the greatest revival ever we are also facing the greatest suffering and persecution that our nation has ever faced. It’s time for us to wake up and step out of our comfort zones, using our gifts for His kingdom and reigniting the kindle of light in our relationship with God. Only close relationship with Him will carry us through the coming days. You may find yourself in very uncomfortable, unwanted situations, some that don’t seem to have answers. I’m here to tell you that Jesus IS the answer. To whatever trials you are facing, He is the answer. To whatever mental health problems you are facing, He is the answer. I can’t tell you how He is going to work it out; I just know I can tell you He is going to work it out.

My prayer for you today is for the Lord to help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable – may you experience His faithfulness and love and lean into that. Take heart, for He has overcome.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Waiting on the Lord with Hope

Recently, I received some disappointing news about a medicine I was prescribed – I’ve heard great stories of it helping others’ physical and mental health – but it wasn’t covered under my insurance. I was so excited and hopeful when my doctor and I initially discussed it – that it would not only help me physically, but also emotionally as well.

Waiting. We often are waiting for many things. But how will we wait? That is what will determine our ability to enjoy the journey and grow through the waiting process.

I realized I placed my hope in an outcome or circumstance, not in the goodness of God no matter what would happen. I am discovering how often I put my hope in circumstances without first placing my anchor of hope in God Himself. I want God to heal me now and answer my prayers now. Honestly, it has been hard to wait on the Lord for the full manifestation of healing in my life.

So where is your hope? How do you wait on the Lord with hope for healing and answers to your prayers?

A verse in the The Passion Translation explains how to wait on the Lord so clearly: Psalms 27:14 states, “Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient, be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting-for he will never disappoint you!”

Let’s break this down into 6 steps on how to wait on the Lord:

  1.  “Don’t give up” -If we don’t give up, we eventually will experience breakthrough. Satan wants us to feel defeated and discouraged, but we are called to rise up!
  2.  “Don’t be impatient” -God’s promises are always true, but sometimes the process takes longer than we think it should. However, impatience only causes frustration and steals our peace.
  3.  “Be entwined as one with the Lord” – We are to stay in close communion with the Lord, seeking intimacy with Him above all else. He’s more concerned with us knowing Him then giving us an immediate breakthrough. Again, the process is what is beautiful in drawing us closer to Him through it all
  4.  “Be brave and courageous” – This is a call to trust in the Lord and not to fear. Set your sights on Him, not on the things around you that may be going wrong.
  5.  “Never lose hope” – We are to hold onto the hope that is found in Jesus, no matter what our circumstances look like.
  6.  “Keep on waiting-for he will never disappoint you” – God reinforces our need to keep on waiting, to be persistent, for He truly does not disappoint.

Isaiah 60:22 says: “When the time is right, I, the Lord will make it happen.” Oh how this verse cuts to the deep sovereignty of God in our lives! In HIS timing, He will make it happen. In his timing AND His way, He will help me get healthier and heal. But how badly I want it NOW. How I’ve wept in bitter frustration over the length of the process, especially in healing for mental illness. I could tell you why it’s not fair, how hard I’ve tried, how much I’ve sought the Lord and His healing, yet here I am, still walking out this journey. In the middle of this frustration and anger, I believe I’ve missed some of the joyful moments and breakthroughs along the road. I’ve missed the joy of my salvation in knowing God through this process, of hearing His gentle, kind words through the pain. I’ve turned away when I should have ran to Him. Yet through it all, He loves us and gently woos us back to relationship with Him.

Let’s take a step of faith today and wait on the Lord with hope.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Who is Your Hope?

When it comes down to it, where do you truly place your hope in? Recently, the Lord has been dealing with me in this area. He led me to this scripture:

Give us aid against the Enemy, for human help is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies. Psalm 60:11-12

Did you read that? Human help is worthless. Yet, how many of us are running to others to help us or fix our problems? I know this tendency has been true for me. Somehow, it got deeply ingrained in me that I always need other people when I am struggling. This is a lie! We do need people in our life, but we are greatly missing out if we turn solely to them. God is the source of our hope and our help. He is the One who has the power to deliver, guide, and heal. So why do we run to others when we need help? I think it is often a tendency we develop at some level or another over time. This can turn into idolatry, making others our god above our True God.

Yet, scripture makes it clear. In the Passion Translation, Psalm 60:11b, it states: “For to trust in any man is an empty hope.” The words empty hope stuck out to me like a lightening bolt. When we trust in man, man can disappoint, leaving us empty. But our God is not like that. His hope never disappoints (Romans 5:5), and He always has His grace and love to lavish on us.

So, next time you are struggling, I encourage you to go to throne, not to the phone! God spoke this to me a while ago, and I am still learning. May you give yourself grace in the learning and ask God to help you to remember to go to Him to meets your needs.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Whose Voice Are You Listening To? A Call to Walk In Love

In this world, we are bombarded by voices and messages from the media and other individuals. It can be pretty overwhelming. And, there is a voice that seeks to subtly affect us every day of our lives. It’s the devil!

Satan is the “accuser of the brethren” (Revelation 12:10) and seeks to bring ruin and darkness to our lives. He wants to deceive us into thinking things that are out of line with the Word of God, especially about God’s love and how He sees us and other people. He wants us to feel condemned with shame and condemn others as well.

Romans 8:1 TPT says: “So now the case is closed. There remains no accusing voice of condemnation against those who are joined in life-union with Jesus, the Anointed One.”

God is saying we are free from accusation and condemnation. But we must pay attention to what we are paying attention to! Are you spending time in the secret place getting close to God and hearing His heartbeat? Are you reading the Word more than you are listening to and researching the news? In this challenging time in the world, let us remain grounded in what is pure and true. May we listen to the voice of God and receive His love for us and others. Scripture states others will know God by our love (John 13:35). What a high call to walk in love!

May you listen for His still small voice and discern His loving, patient, kind voice over the accusing, negative, unloving voice of the Enemy today.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Pressing Through Lack of Motivation

Have you ever had the sense of what would be good for you to do but you lacked the motivation to do it? I experience this phenonmenon on and off, especially with my struggle with depression. Just this past week, I woke up and felt tired, unmotivated, and a little depressed. I knew if I pressed through that I could have a good day spent with God through doing things like jouraling, art, and worship. At this point I had a choice. Would I let my feelings keep me from pressing through, or would I press through my feelings?

We all have decision points like this one, probably on a regular basis at varying degrees. At the least severe, we just generally don’t feel like doing something (like going to the gym), but we do it anyway. At a more moderate level, we have a mental and perhaps physical resistance to doing what we know would be good for us (i.e., getting out of bed to starting the day), so we delay it. At a severe level, someone is so depressed than can hardly get themselves to do anything.  I would argue that there are times, at least in my experience, where I surrender to the fact that I am not going to get much (if anything) done that day. I give myself grace on those days, and I hope you do too.

However, a lot of the time we are in that middle ground, where we could move in the direction of a healthy decision if we pushed ourselves a bit. This space was where I found myself one day last week. I wanted to get up, go into my office and spend the day journaling, creating, and spending time with God. I laid in bed thinking about it, finally deciding to get up and make my tea. I got into my office, still very tired and a little depressed. I thought about going back to bed. But I decided to press through to see what happened. And as I pushed through, my energy and motivation increased. It turned out to be a great day!

So, on those hard days, give yourself some grace and press through that lack of motivation. It might just turn into a great day.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Grief During Covid-19

My heart has been grieving a lot during the pandemic lately. The first month, I really coped well and tapped into my creativity. I probably felt the best I felt in quite a while and was honestly shocked with how well I was thriving. The last few weeks however, I have become less motivated (see less blog posts?!) and hit some depths of depression I haven’t felt in a while. It seems strange to grieve my mental health, but I think that is what is happening. Grieving the loss of motivation, of creativity, of excitement and passion for life. Grieving the loss of connection and energy I get from being around friends and family – the “normalcy” of it all.

I’ve realized how much I crave structure and connection, and those aren’t bad things. I’ve seen some of my priorities shift as I’ve done some reflecting through this crisis, but I think it’s also a very valid feeling and desire to want “normal” back. The reality is, from what I undertand, it won’t be the same “normal” we are used to. People will be wearing masks and social distancing. Not everything is going to open up at once. The risk for illness will remain. Uncertainties still lie ahead. Life won’t be the same.

I wish I could say this will all get easier. And it may and will over time. But there’s also a need to accept where we are at, surrender to this process, and put our trust in the One who always stays the same. Let go of the timeline of how this will all play out and take it one day at a time. Be angry, be sad, allow yourself to feel, but do not give up. Sometimes, that’s all we can do.

May you embrace your grief during this time and find creative outlets to express it. God, I pray for your comfort, relief, and perspective over each person reading this blog today. Thank You that You are still on the throne and love your children very deeply. In Jesus name. Amen.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Refining Fire and Mental Health

Is God refining you in this season? I believe in this season God is doing a new work in each one of us to make us more like Him and to prepare us for what is to come.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18-19

God is making all things new, and it starts with us. He is making a way for us through the valley and wilderness. Do you not perceive it? I know it may be hard to see if you are in the depths of depression or anxiety, but God is up to something new and different. It may not be super clear, but He is doing it. Part of what He is doing is refining and purifying us from things that are not of Him, including idols, sin, and the like. He is calling us back to Him as our First Love, and is making a way for the new things to come into our life by asking us to let go of the old. Has God been nudging you to let go of some things in this season? Is He calling you to let go of lesser things for the better thing? Is He calling you to a radical step of obedience that will put you outside of your comfort zone?  Is He rearranging your priorities right now?

If the answer is yes, perhaps He is refining you. Perhaps He is even calling you out of some false comforts that we can fall into when we have mental illness. For example, God is calling me out of the false comfort on leaning on people too much for encouragement and care. Let me be clear — it is extremely wise to have a support system; however, it is not wise to make them an idol and become emotionally dependent on them to feel okay. Mental illness often lies to us and tells us we aren’t capable of doing things that we actually are capable of. Perhaps in certain seasons, this may be true, but as we continue in our recovery, we need to learn to get our eyes off of ourselves and onto loving the Lord and others. We slowly have to step out of our comfort zone and grow up in the Lord. This process is not easy, but stepping out of false comforts causes us to be strengthened and empowered. We can step up and out and begin to serve. Let me give you some words of encouragement as you go through this process:

“The furnace may be hot, but not only can I trust the hand that lights the fire, I can also have the assurance the fire will not consume but only refine.” (Streams in the Desert, p. 166.)

The refining fire of the Lord may be upon you right now, but take heart that it will not consume you. Rather, you will be purified in God’s love to be more equipped to serve Him and build His kingdom. As you step outside of yourself, you will see the many needs around you and the opportunities the Lord is placing before you.

What opportunities is God placing before you right now? What is He asking of you? If you don’t know, I’d encourage you to ask. If nothing else, just do what is before you, until He shows you the next thing. Take heart, friend, He is doing something new in and through you. Trust His purpose and timing!

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Having Compassion for Yourself During COVID-19

Having a hard time coping with the quarantine right now? If so, I get it. Yesterday, I ended up being hard on myself for struggling, and that spilled over into today a bit. I was beating myself up for areas of struggle I still have, in spite of the fact that I have made a lot of progress recently. Our tendency seems to always go to the negative, doesn’t it?

In fact, research shows that we are hard wired to go toward the negative. Kristen Neff, in her book “Self Compassion” discusses this tendency and for our need to be kind to ourselves when we are suffering. She explains the importance of supporting and loving yourself in difficult times as you would support and love a friend. Sound selfish? Actually, Scripture discusses that we are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. And how can we love our neighbor if we don’t love ourselves? It first starts in receiving God’s love for ourselves, then we can love Him and others.

Are you feeling less productive during this time? Are you dealing with depression or anxiety right now? Be encouraged that’s it’s okay to feel this way. We are facing many new challenges in different ways right now. Personally, I am used to getting out of the house regularly to help ward off depression and anxiety. So, I have had to adapt and find new ways to cope. But, not every day is perfect – and that is okay. I am making myself a note to put in my office, “I give myself permission to be where I am.” I usually get myself into trouble when I start ruminating on thoughts about how I should be further along than I am. If you’re struggling right now with those feelings of “not enough” or “failure,” try to show yourself some grace and kindness. God is patient with you; so you can be patient with yourself too. I know, easier said then done. Here’s another way to look at it: how would you treat a friend that was struggling with something? Would you say sternly to try harder and suck it up, or would you show compassion and listen with kindness? I’m sure you would listen and love with compassion. We are all on a journey of learning to show this same kindness to ourselves.

We all have a relationship with one person we can’t get away from, and that is ourselves! So work on your self-talk today. Try to think of a bigger perspective of what’s going on right now. Tell yourself that you are doing the best you can and that you accept yourself just the way you are. After all, God accepts you just the way you are. But take heart, that He is not done with you and is going to complete the work He began in you! Good things are coming, friend. Reach out to God and ask Him for His help right now. He is with you, and He will help you! Receive His love and compassion for you, because you are DEEPLY LOVED.

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah

Expectation and Hope

As we approach Resurrection Sunday and Easter, we may be experiencing some difficultly preparing for this day. It feels so different, right? All cooped up in the house, unable to go to church services and other family events. It all feels so far from normal. But, what if this day could be more meaningful because of this still pause we have in this pandemic?

What if we could be filled with expectation and hope for the good that God is going to bring from this time? What if we could be filled with expectation and hope for what God is specifically doing in our lives from this trial? What if we could believe that God’s resurrection power is here today, to work in our very own lives?

“Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.’ The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.” Lamentations 3:21-26

This scripture states that we are not consumed because of the Lord’s great love. In fact, we have a hope because of His great compassion and faithfulness that is new every day. We wait for Him because our hope is in Him. We trust Him because we wait for Him with an expectation of something good. What have you been expecting lately from the Lord? May this Easter be one where you are filled with hope and expectation as you wait on the Lord to fulfill His promises for you. He is alive, and He is inside of you!

Copyright 2020 Marie Lorah