Why I Love My Emotional Support Animal


Photo Credit: Dennis Lorah

I am blessed to have an emotional support animal, and today is our first adoptaversary! His name is Sam, and he is a Chiweenie – part dachshund, part Chihuahua. After a major depressive episode in January of 2017, it became clear I needed additional support living in my apartment by myself. I knew other people with emotional support animals and was encouraged to try it out. I was quite nervous due to the cost and uncertainty of rescuing a dog. All I can say is that I’m glad I took a chance on this sweet, sweet boy! He is so well behaved and laid back. He is the perfect dog for me and for my small apartment. I am so happy to have Sam as part of my life, and I strongly encourage you to consider getting one to aid in your recovery. They truly do help both your physical and mental health! He loves to sit in my lap, be held (sometimes), have his belly scratched, and race in circles when mommy comes home! Having him in my apartment comforts me and grounds me in a special way. It gets me out of my apartment on walks and brings a bit of structure to my life. It’s been a blessing to see how he warms the heart of my family members and friends, as well. God really did give us a blessing when he made dogs! Of course, if you’re not a dog person, many other pets can be emotional support animals as well.

One other great thing about emotional support animals is that there are laws that enable you to have one in an apartment complex, even if animals aren’t usually allowed. Landlords usually just require a note from your doctor, stating your need for one. Also, laws enable your pet to travel with you in the cabin with you when you fly – for free! From what I’ve read, you need a doctor’s note and need to tell the airline 48 hours in advance of your flying.

Feeling stuck in your recovery? Try an emotional support animal. They are a worthwhile investment!


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