Sweet Surrender, Sweet Contentment

I’ve come to a place where I am content. Deeply content. Yet, nothing in my life is as expected. God didn’t give me what I thought I wanted. He gave me something better. He took away all the things I could use to wrap my identity around and left me with Him. And that is enough. The journey to this place has not been simple or clean. It’s been messy and heartbreaking. Some have understood this path and many have not. And I don’t blame them. I don’t admit to understanding my journey either – the difference is, I’ve surrendered to God that need to understand. That need to have control has driven most of my life and my choices. I probably will always struggle with that need for control to some degree. Yet, what a sense of relief I feel this New Year! Instead of feeling anxious with heavy expectations upon myself, I am feeling at peace, with a sense of sweet surrender and wonder of having another year to grow deeper in God. Yes, there are things to do and changes to be made, but I will count on God to lead me in those things instead of me trying to. May you seek first His kingdom this New Year! Blessings for a wonderful 2018!

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