Small Steps Create a Snowball Effect 

Sometimes, life is just overwhelming and we don’t know where to start in reclaiming our wellness. For me, I deal with this overwhelming feeling often, and I have slowly been learning to break things down and do things in small steps. This change has involved how I specifically view a situation and also changing how I take in well meaning, often good advice from others. I tend to take others ideas as some form of pressure, that I must act now, or something is wrong with me. This pressure only adds to my anxiety and often paralyzes me. One of my former pastors once told me all that we are responsible for is what the Lord has put before us. Praise God, we don’t have to figure it all out now.

I am only responsible for this moment. I can make small choices that will lead to a healthier life. Here are a few steps I’ve taken over the last few months that have helped me. For example, I have taken small steps to be healthier physically. I started taking a probiotic, drinking more water, and eating less sugar. An all or nothing approach to sweets, carbs, and unhealthly foods just doesn’t work for me. So I take small steps in the right direction, and that is progress! To help my emotional well being, I have started volunteering as a receptionist at a local medical clinic for uninsured individuals. To help my spiritual well being, I am reaching out to God more. These seem like simple things that everyone does, but for me, it is harder to take steps forward, and I even beat myself up when I don’t take those small steps. Each of these steps have begun a snowball effect, where my motivation has been growing and my creativity increasing. Taking small steps can help you reach your goals and overcome mental health obstacles. Sooner or later, you will gain momentum that will continue to increase and help you get to a place you’d like to be.

Take a small step in the direction you want to go – toward wellness, a career, or simply a better life.

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