Whose Cross Are You Carrying?

I was praying with a friend a couple weeks ago—we were both overwhelmed by the needs and circumstances of life around us—as we prayed, this question came to mind—“whose cross are you carrying, Marie?” I saw a picture of me trying to carry Jesus cross, along with others. We were never intended to carry the weight of the world…that’s why Jesus came—to set us free from ourselves, our mistakes, and from the weight of others. We are called to intimate partnership with Jesus—walking with Him and doing His will. Yet, we also must remember that it was God Himself who paid the price for our sin and for an abundant life in Him. God is God, and we are not!! What a freeing, simple concept. God is in control, and He does hold the world in His hands.

So take heart, friend. Trust in God for your loved ones, for those circumstances out of your hands, and for all those little and big details of life. Listen to the voice of your beloved Father in heaven. Let His voice lead you as you love Him and love others, but don’t take on the cares of others as your job to fix. Only God’s Word and power can help others. We are simply His instruments, His vessels for the transformation and salvation of others. What a privilege and joy. Take on His easy yoke today, and leave the rest to Him.

John 14:1; Matthew 11:28-29; Psalm 121

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