Monthly Archives: February 2014

Embracing Weakness and Suffering

In the church, we often avoid the topics of weakness and suffering. We sometimes even act as if it’s not God if something is going difficultly. In the Bible, we see people embrace their weakness and pain. David never hid his pain, he poured out his heart to the Lord throughout the psalms and confessed his anger, pain, and desperate need for the Lord to break into his life. Jesus Himself embraced weakness at the cross as part of the Father’s will. What would our lives look like if we embraced the difficulties that came our way? Although it might sound odd, I think we’d have a lot more joy—instead of trying to hide our pain, we’d allow ourselves to go through the trial and search for Jesus in the midst of it—instead of asking Him to take it away or suppress it out of our thinking. I’ve found in my life Jesus rarely removes trials and suffering completely, but rather waits for me to come to Him in the midst of suffering to get His perspective. As we find truth and purpose in the trial, we will rediscover the joy of our salvation and are able to comfort others in their trials. Our journey is all about fellowship—fellowship with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and others! It’s not about not having trials, it’s about growing and communing with God and one another in the midst of it. Embrace your weakness and struggle today, asking God to help you find his perspective! Always believe for the fullness of breakthrough, and continue to persist, even in the most difficult trial. You will find God in surprising places, and you WILL find victory.

In Spite of Me, Not Because of Me

God has been leading me in a season of humbling and breaking me free from a performance mentality. He’s been showing me that He works in spite of me, not because of me. I have been in situations recently where I have felt ill equipped or unprepared, even tormented in my mind by insecure thoughts, yet God really moved in that situation. It’s a good lesson to remember that my strength comes from God, not myself. And, it’s not all about me being perfect, it’s about being faithful. Sometimes, you don’t have anything to give. And all you can do is just show up and ask God to help. The great news, He does!! Be encouraged that God is working in you and through you, even this very moment. In our weakness, He is strong.