Going Deeper In Him

When we seek to go deep in the Lord, we often discover our human weaknesses and wounds. It’s not that those things weren’t already there, but we have an increased awareness of those things as we fix our eyes on Jesus, the One who sees and knows all things in our heart. I have found I can easily get so focused on these things and lose sight of the beauty and majesty of God. Yes, He does see and know all the things in our heart, but here’s the good news: HE LOVES US ALL THE SAME! He’s not surprised by my pride, insecurity, and failures. He actually delights in using these things to draw me in closer relationship with Him and in talking with Him. God redeemed humanity from sin by actually coming as a man to earth, dying to pay for our sin, and thus, allowing us to have deep fellowship with Him. As He brings things to the surface, He desires us to acknowledge it, repent of it, and get our eyes right back on Him. Oh, how slow I can sometimes be at catching onto this.

Right now I have been studying Song of Solomon with Mike Bickle’s teaching. One theme that stands out to me is how God loves us in our weakness. He encourages us to come to Him for help instead of run away in shame. Song of Solomon 1:5 says, “I am dark yet lovely.” We are dark in our hearts because of sin, yet we are still beautiful and pleasing to the Lord. What a relief! May God direct our hearts into this truth and reveal His heart for us.

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