A New Season…

Refreshed Anew

This season has quickly become one of me returning to my First Love. This internship involves spending lots of time in worship and prayer before the Lord, and it positions you in such a way that you just can’t get away from the Lord! This is actually a wonderful thing because it causes you to deal with and let go of the things that are hindering your closeness with the Lord. For me, this has included letting go of having complete control over my schedule, eating healthier, and aligning my thoughts with what God says about me and others. Intense? Yes. Amazing and worth it? Absolutely.


Not that, Lord! The very thing I dreaded and hoped He wouldn’t ask me to do, to lay down pursuing counseling as a profession (at least for the moment), is the very thing I believe God is leading me to! My heart burns as I think about continuing on with the second part of the internship at IHOP and consider joining IHOP staff as an intercessory missionary. What do I do with this? Is it worth it?? What if God doesn’t provide, and I get disappointed?

Amidst the questions, I hear the Father ask me a question: “What if you trusted me with the what if’s?” God has provoked me to trust Him with the unknown. He’s asking me to do my part: to seek His will and obey it, and then to trust Him with the rest. Ultimately, the safest place is to be in God’s will, and wherever that is, I want to be there!

Please Pray!
If I decide to stay for the second track of the internship (another 3 months), I would have to raise funds for the internship and my living expenses. The second track is focused more on practical ministry training. If I decided to become part of staff, I would have to fundraise most of my living expenses. As a staff member, I would be an intercessory missionary, spending half of my time in the prayer room and the other half of my time in some sort of service assignment. Although I don’t need to decide yet, I have been drawn to this process of saying yes to whatever it is God tells me to do in the end.

I appreciate prayers for God to clearly direct my path, but even more so, for me to enjoy this time of soaking up His presence and getting closer to Him in His Word. I know that whatever is next, the Lord is preparing me for it. Thank you dear friends!

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