Partner in Prayer!

They Shall Overcome by the Word of Their Testimony…

Where I Have Been…Disappointed


My journey with the Lord began at age 17 when I surrendered my life to Him after a difficult season of hurt, depression, and pain. I noticed the Lord’s tangible presence in that moment, and He has continued to reveal Himself to me. Recently, I completed my Master’s in Counseling at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This season was stretching, amazing, and healing! About midway through the program, I went through a season of disillusionment and questioning of the Lord. I questioned God’s goodness because of unfair things that happened in my past, and I came to a breaking point of with anger at the Lord for my lot in life. Through the support, prayers, encouragement, and counsel of others, I slowly opened my heart up again to the Lord and experienced deep emotional healing and freedom. My life has not been the same since this season, and I have experienced more joy and peace than I ever have before!


Where I am Going…Appointed


Out of this place of disappointment and abandonment has come a season of being appointed and called by the Lord to lay down my life for His Kingdom Purposes. A couple months ago I sensed God reminding me of my heart for prayer and missions, specifically through the ministry, International House of Prayer (IHOP), located in Kansas City, Missouri. I applied to and got accepted to the Intro to IHOP internship in Kansas City, which starts July 5 and lasts for 3 months. We will be spending a devoted time to the Lord in prayer, worship, and the studying the Word. I will be spending approximately 24 hours a week in the prayer room, praying and worshipping God, in addition to learning from the Word, participating in a small group, and sharing God’s love in practical ways.


I am grateful to say that I have raised nearly enough funds already for the trip, and I anticipate getting enough to cover my living expenses through yard sales that I plan to have in June.


I would like to invite you to partner with me through prayer as I prepare to leave and as I enter my journey at IHOP. God has confirmed in my heart His desire for me to take this next step. Otherwise, I am uncertain as to what might be in store next! Ultimately, I want to honor God, no matter what the cost, and bring His Kingdom to broken, hurting people! Would you please consider pursuing this adventure with me through prayer? I am looking for a team of friends and family who want to partner with me through this season (and perhaps seasons to come)! It would be such an honor for your prayer partnership!


If you are interested in partnering with me in prayer, please send me an email at and follow me on my blog: I plan to update it at least once a month and will include testimonies, reflections, prayer requests, and other things the Lord is teaching me. I strongly value and invite any words of encouragement you may have for me now or during my time in Kansas City. What a blessing it is to have this opportunity. Thank you for your time and investment in my life.


Yours in Christ,


Marie Lorah


Current Prayer Requests:

  • Spiritual protection over my mind,      body, and spirit as I prepare to leave
  • For the yard sales to go well
  • That the Lord would prepare my heart      for this coming season
  • That I would stay connected to the      Lord in INTIMACY and TRUST for this next month of transition

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